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Together While Apart

Teacher Support During COVID-19

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We are facing difficult times and difficult conversations. Deep listening is a first step to heal division, separation, and the wounds that divide us.

Instead of hearing only what aligns with our own beliefs and expectations, in deep wholehearted listening we set aside our own agenda, ideas, and our ego. We listen completely, in service, in order to fully hear and understand what is being said. Our presence in this way of listening helps to heal the deep hurts that divide us.

This process requires more courage, patience, humility, and compassion than we thought. Listen, open lines of communication, and do the deep inner work that begins the process of change.

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Presence in Peace

with Natasha & Lorenz Sell

How do we become present to the many layers of our direct experience and what is the possibility of peace in our daily lives?

Next Tuesday we’re launching a free webinar series called Presence for Peace. These gatherings will invite us to explore what is happening in the world in a relational way.

No matter how the global situation may be affecting you, there is likely a range of nuances to the composition of your experience. Our time together will explore this territory in a safe, supportive, and even playful way.

Aligned Marketing: Market Authentically

with Ramdesh & Sat Avtar

You have an important mission. You are sharing something that has changed your life. You know you can serve people to have healthier, happier lives. Marketing authentically can be a personal practice.

We have spent years working with yoga teachers and wellness entrepreneurs to help them market with success without compromising their integrity. We will share our marketing insight with you to help you become the lighthouse you are meant to be.

Finding Healing & Wholeness in Deep Relaxation

By Lynn Roulo

The pandemic is a shared experience, but we aren’t all sharing it the same way. Some are quarantining in relative comfort while others are suffering tremendously. It’s a trauma and a shock to the collective consciousness, and one that will require healing on many levels. Deep relaxation reaches deep into your psyche and brings into rhythm those layers of energy and matter that make up your emotional and psychological state. Trauma and shock bring you out of rhythm. Healing is when rhythm is restored.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

– Elenor Roosevelt –

Inspiration from Your Fellow Teachers

Creativity. Flexibility. Compassion. Connection. Learn more about how your fellow teachers are approaching their practice, their teaching, and their self-care during this time.